Ash Rising…

A group of local teens gathered around a woodland fire close to the community orchard at the weekend for the second installment of their exploration of the Ash tree.

Led by Marylou Anderson of the Argyll Outdoor Woodland Learning group, with supporting facilitation by local Green woodworker Mark Bamford & our Forest Ranger Rhyddian Knight; the group have produced a moveable round-pole timber frame shelter; for use in the orchard & wood.

Young people used a variety of hand tools to fell, saw, cleave, rive & shape the poles & pegs; and bolted the structure together. I think you’ll agree from the photo, shown here without the tarpaulin roof; it’s huge!

The shelter is based on a design by Mike Abbot, detailed in his book ‘Living Wood’; utilising trees harvested by the group in their local environs.

As well as practical work, there was traditional song and story, ecological information on Ash & Ash dieback; and conversations on the cultural uses of this incredible tree. The collaboration results in some formative and associative memories of working-socially-in-the-woods, skill-learning; and a high quality outdoor learning resource for use by our community.

Our shelter forms part of a nationwide project ‘Ash-Rise’, funded by the Association of Scottish Hardwood Sawmillers (ASHS), Scottish Furniture Makers Association & Scottish Forestry; which will include a touring exhibition of arts & crafts made from Ash.

More information on the Ash Rise project can be found here:

‘Rising from the Ashes – Transforming Dead Wood from Ash Dieback into Furniture’ on Scotland Outdoors.