Group Visits

As well as running our own events, and encouraging free and public access to the wood; we also warmly welcome constituted visiting groups to the wood.

If you are an organisation, club, educational body or such like and wish to use the woods for recreational, educational or sporting activities. We ask that you contact us in advance using the guidance and forms below.

With forestry operations, various events and other group bookings, letting us know you are looking to visit allows us, to best guide you to an area suitable and safe for the purpose of your group visit and avoid too many users concentrated in any one area. The Outdoor Access Code provides information for group visits, please check this out first. If your planning a large event, you may wish to look here.

Whether you are part of a running group, a school or educational organisation, or a community group, if you would like to discuss a visit, have questions or need support in making your event happen; please contact.

Please contact or call 07375 920508

Friends of Glenan Wood - people under trees

Group Events

If you would like to organise a group event, please fill in your details as best you can in the form below.

Event application

    Fields marked * are required

    Does activity/event involve overnight activity or camping? *

    Will there be spectators? *

    Before the planned group event can take place, you will be required to provide the following:

    • Route or location.
    • Outline of activity/event plan.
    • Risk assessment/health & safety statement.
    • Young/vulnerable people policy/procedure (if applicable).
    • Copy of insurance.

    Use of Wood:

    • Please remember that you will not be the sole user of the landscape.
    • Please do not put notices or banners up without prior consultation.
    • Please do not use any equipment or signage that will damage the landscape.

    Health & Safety:

    • Your event must be managed and adhere to health & safety requirements.

    Your Liability:

    • You are responsible for all insurances unless otherwise agreed with FOGW.
    • You are responsible for the management and behaviour of your event.
    • You will be liable to compensate us for all damage during the use of the wood for your activity/event.
    • We would ask that you notify us of any damage as soon as possible.