Please note that all paths involve uneven ground, varying ascents and sometimes often muddy ground.

You are welcome to roam off path throughout the site, please follow the Outdoor Access Code.

Please be sure not to disturb the privacy of our neighbours.

Friends of Glenan Wood - path signs

The Glenan Bay Loop

Distance: Approximately 2.8 km.
Anticipated Time: Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Go through the main gate and head left across the meadow; the path begins runs right beside the shore at first before heading into the trees and reaching a junction. From here to Glenan Bay two paths form a loop.

Glenan Bay Shore Path and the Glenan Bay Forest Path

Please note that both paths involve uneven ground, varying ascents and sometimes muddy ground.

The shore path winds through through closed canopy oak woodland involves a small stream crossing, passes an isthmus and an easy scaramble thrgouh a small gorge with rough hewn stone steps. Above the steps, Glenan Bay becomes visible from headland.

The Forest Path crosses a tiny bridge and climbs through the atmospheric woodland; the trees are mostly fairly stunted and hung heavily with lichen. The path, which is very muddy in one or two places, ascends and winds about before a view of Glenan Bay is revealed ahead.

Old Glenan Village Path

Distance: Approximately 10 kilometres.
Anticipated Time: 2.5 Hours.

Go through the main gate and head diagnonally right across the meadow, the path follows a distinct grass track bordered by gorse for about 100m until you reach a signpost indicating a left turn. The path rises steeply for a short section above an ancient ruin.

This, our ‘high path’ runs through a variety of woodland habitats all the way to west glenan burn, where you will meet the high path junction.

To the right of the junction, the path will lead you along, then across the stream and up to the abandoned villiage. Please be advised to return the same way to the high path junction, there is NO PATH beyond old Glenan village. Here be dragons!

The Link Path

To the left of the junction, the path will lead you down west glenan burn and along a boardwalk section which then joins the Glenan Bay Loop at Glenan Bay.