A Short Stroll along the Shore Path

It was a pleasant afternoon, the recent ice and snow had receded and the temperature had risen to a balmy 10 degrees centigrade when we decided to take a stroll with the dog into Glenan. It was cloudy overhead and thankfully no rain forecast.

The path as expected was the usual muddy affair and wellies are a must in all walks within the wood. I do have walking boots but even these can be severely tested, especially after a lot of rain. As a temperate rain forest in the West of Scotland, there is always a good chance of a lot of rain.

As you enter through the Glenan Wood gate head west towards the loch and follow the path as it traverses the first rocks of the day on the path and enter into the wood. Shortly you will be given the option of either the shore path or the forest path.

Today it was a short wander along the shore path. That said the path is not really along the shore until later. What you will find is a walk through some extremely old oak trees, traverse a small stream and enjoy the unusual rock formations that can be found all around.

With the oaks in winter without leaves it is the holly that brings a lot of green to the walk. A holly was found growing from one of these rocks. The Holly is a small evergreen tree and later once the oaks are blooming can become less obvious within the wood.

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Holly is widely distributed in Scotland, and occurs all throughout the mainland, except for Caithness, and in Orkney, Lewis, Harris and Skye. It is most common as an understorey species in oakwoods, particularly on the west coast, but also occurs in other forest types, including amongst the native pinewoods of the Caledonian Forest.

None of the holly trees were carrying berries. I am not sure if they have all been eaten or something else is impacting. Maybe someone can suggest a reason for this.

We walked about a quarter of a mile on the shore path before actually getting to the shore. At that point as the light was starting to fade it was decided to turn back as wandering in Glenan in the dark is not recommended.

However much more to see and do over the coming weeks and months and I hope to capture my findings, further internet info and photographs for all to read, view, comment and hopefully enjoy.

Next walk – Silver Birch