Active travelers

We are seeking regular volunteers to help us tend the wood. We can sort your travel expenses. Read on!

With thanks to a generous grant from the Argyll Supporting Communities Fund, we are delighted to be able to offer reimbursement of travel expenses for volunteers within the Cowal & Bute area. We also welcome our neighbors across the water traveling as foot or bike passengers on the ferry from Tarbert.

We now have a full programme of regular volunteer woodland management activities throughout the calendar year. More information, including dates is available for download on our new website at the following address:

 ‘The option to have travel costs, be it pedal or petrol powered, reimbursed makes it way more accessible & affordable for both groups & individuals wanting to volunteer with us. We have a packed calendar ahead and I look forward to time well spent under the woodland canopy with willing workers.’

Forest Ranger, Rhyddian Knight

We would also like to extend this offer to any workshop leaders that are offering their services for free for our courses & events this year.

Car, bicycle, bus and passenger ferry expenses can all be reimbursed. Please note that this offer is only available while this portion of the grant is available. Therefore, we must stress that you need to agree travel costs in advance of coming! To agree terms for participation and reimbursement; or to enrol onto a mailing list for regular times and updates please email: