About Us

Friends of Glenan Wood were the beneficiary of a grant from the Scottish Land Fund which allowed us to purchase woodland and employ some staff to begin our conservation tasks. In the documents section you will find the feasibility study and other reports that outline the task we face to bring Glenan Wood into peak environmental health.

We have to address the problem of invasive species (especially rhododendron and non-native conifer) that threaten to out-compete native species. We have to take measures to mitigate the effects of a large deer population that is preventing natural regeneration of the key tree species by over-grazing. And we have to make it easier for people to enjoy all parts of the woodland and its coastline by making improvements to access and the path network.

Over the coming two years we hope to bring new funding to the community to help achieve these goals and, with the help of volunteers and the wider community, improve the woodland as a well-loved and special habitat.