Welcome to our community-owned Atlantic rainforest

Glenan Wood

Friends of Glenan Wood - Glenan Wood in the Summer

Formed in 2008, Friends of Glenan Wood are responsible for managing the 146 hectares of temperate rainforest known as Glenan Wood, which is owned by the communities incorporating the parish of Kilfinan in South West Cowal, Scotland. 

We are very proud of this regenerating natural resource and wish to make welcome all who would wish to care for and cherish it. We ask woodland users to help exemplify our shared responsibilities in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and make our wood a shining example of community stewardship.

The board of Friends of Glenan Wood is made up of members of the community who are elected to the board by the membership at the AGM.

Latest News

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Activities in Glenan Wood

Whether you want to be productive and get stuck in, or you prefer to attend organised events, we have a variety of things going on through most of the year.